Enter… LookUp, the brand that reminds you that life is cooler when you take a break from your screen. We obviously understand the allure of the digital abyss, but fear not, we’re here to create playful yet functional objects that help you put that phone down, if even for a bit. It's time to venture into a world where digital distractions & constant notifications fade into insignificance, and offline experiences are the real currency of self-care and cool. We decided to take an abstract object and turn it into a reminder to put your phone down starting first within your home. Let’s bring back the good ole’ no phones at the dinner table rule!

We’re not just building products either, we’re building a community. This is the place where you'll find like minded individuals who hold their head high instead of buried in their screens, where the culturally curious meet the trend-forward. The generation that’s pioneering a new era for a world untethered by screens to set an example for the generations to come. We're here to inspire you to Look Up more instead of down. Get outside, take a hike, explore more life, sans phone!

Our Values


Our consumers are our priority. Focus on bringing out the best YOU, in the absence of virtual barriers and influence.


Innovating new products for a better future. Insatiable curiosity to develop new objects that can make a changing impact on the negative effects of technology. Limitless exploration around daily reminders we can create for at home and on-the-go.


The time for digital detoxing is now. We are pioneers of a new era where offline experiences and meaningful interactions are the social currency. We are creating the standard to be offline more in a world where we can’t seem to get away from our phones.


Our products are designed to do with anyone. We radiate positivity to encourage yourself and others to be offline & adventuring outdoors more. We are committed to being a third place and will continue to host events for you to join!


Life is meant to be lived. Our designs are a reminder to work to live not live to work. Put your phone away and dance!