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An Offline Encounter with Camilla Marcus

Posted by Nicole Baqai on

An Offline Encounter with Camilla Marcus

Our first conversation is with Camilla Marcus, the founder behind west~bourne, a thoughtful pantry-staples brand with a mission to do better for the planet. 

As you well know now, LookUp is a brand creating physical reminders to LookUp from your devices, starting with a tin box. As you may or may not yet know, The Charlie Fund is a non-profit that provides resources and programming to help educators, caretakers, and students build emotional fluency + tools to build healthier, more intentional communication. And we are so lucky and excited to be partnering them.

Together, we’re holding space for conversations with creatives, from chefs to artists, athletes, and founders, on what it means to scroll less and LookUp more. In celebration of Mental Health Month and as part of this partnership, LookUp is committed to donating 5% of sales to The Charlie Fund during May.

  1. Food and language have such a strong connection. How has life as a chef changed the way you communicate outside of the kitchen?

When you live your life connected to how food is grown and then transformed to nourish others, I look at everything through an even more intentional lens. Quality time is my love language, so it grounds me to bring people together. I’m also a very fluid, visual creator, and I think that infuses into how I communicate and show up in the world - with passion, some spontaneity, vibrance, and care.

  1. How do you think a meal changes when you approach cooking with curiosity and creativity?

My cooking philosophy is all about playing jazz - letting the ingredients, your mood, the occasion, and some outside inspiration guide you as you dance through the process. To me, the thrill and vibrance of creating a meal and taking care of others comes in act of creation - not knowing completely how it will come out in the end and taking chances on a new piece of produce or technique I’ve not tried before. In that way, it becomes an adventure and meaningful growth experience, rather than a routine or chore.

  1. How do you connect to yourself? (offline, no screens!) 

I try to do something every day for me, just for me - a solo bright spot.  Sometimes that’s a walk with my dog, sometimes it’s a solo hike, other times it’s just hanging with our chickens and listening to the garden, while other times my moment is cooking testing out a new recipe or idea. I find meditative practices in really being with my own thoughts, giving time and open space to a creative spark, or just even an indulgent nap when my body feels I need it.  It’s never the same respite, but it’s always intuitive.

  1. Who is someone in your world who inspires you to LookUp? (put your phone down, be present, etc)

There is nothing more grounding in my life than my children and our animals. They have an innate cosmic connection to the universe that’s raw, unfiltered, and spontaneous. Their limitless capacity for joy, exploration, and unpredictability keeps me on my toes and pulls me into reality at any given moment, away from the world of tech and responsibility. Being with them, you feel everything without distractions if you let yourself fully surrender to the moment with them.

Thank you to Camilla for kicking off our Offline Encounters series, and for being a beautiful reminder to us all of the beauty that exists outside of our screens.

We challenge you to take one piece of inspiration out into the world with you this weekend- cook a meal with a friend, make a thing, unplug.

Stay cool and LookUp.