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WOW. We just launched LookUp.

Posted by Jackie Hamilton, Creative Director at LookUp on

Drop 1.0 is HERE - "Freshly Caught Attention."


What’s so weird is the night before launch, our neighborhood had a blackout. It was just me and my boyfriend at 5% battery. We were sitting there with a candle and so excited to just be together with no worries because the blackout was our excuse. It felt the universe was telling me…this is exactly the business you should be launching by letting you feel what it’s like with no lights, no phones, no nothing.

As a reminder, we were founded to remind you that life is cooler when you’re off your phone. Our abstract objects are designed for your everyday spaces. Each piece serves as a gentle reminder to put your phone down and reconnect with the world around you. 

We are so excited to launch our first product: A sardine-inspired Tin that will serve as a “Do Not Disturb” vessel for your phone. Your Tin can fit up to three phones, so you can build a better phone routine with others or when you feel you need to unhook from the digital noise. Get to know our Tins…

 Our Cloud Tin: A playful representation of our brand and our logo - inspired by the clouds in the sky we see when we remember to LookUp. Ready to live on your coffee table, stacked on your bookcase, or wherever you're ready to give your phone a little nap.

Our Vintage Tin: Inspired by classic sardine tins seen in Italy, Portugal, and in your friends' homes. Ready to live on your kitchen counter, stashed in your pantry, or wherever you're ready to give your phone a little nap.

 Our Cloud Hat: Our hat serves as a reminder- losing your head in the clouds is often the best way to unlock your creativity.

Our Vintage Hat: A signal to yourself and others that you’re looking up. Whether it’s getting outside fishing, swimming, being active or just sans-phone.

Each Tin includes a deck of cards as a reminder of all that exists for us sans-phone. Play some cards or lay around! The world is your screen-free oyster!

I can’t believe it. I’m so dang proud of what we’ve created.