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The LookUp Times Episode .01

Posted by Jackie Hamilton, Creative Director at LookUp on

Welcome to the LookUp times, your weekly LookUp newsletter chatting all things Offline. What’s bringing us joy, connection, inspiration and more, far, far away from the scroll.

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  • Yoga: I am a “Sculpt” teacher already (shoutout any CorePower go-ers out there), but just started my 200-hour yoga teacher training this week to really get an education in the fundamentals and to be able to teach at any studio anywhere in the world. The goal for me is to further tap into the Mind, Body, and Breath integration that yoga is founded upon. What is more LookUp than that?!  
  • Getting the sun on our face: While last week’s “spring” was a full on teaser (this happens every year, we should know by now) it is at least sunny outside and that is something to hold onto. Please don’t tell me it’s going to rain this weekend… I know, and I’m ignoring it. 

What we’re reading:

  • Heaven and Earth Grocery Store: I’m all over the map when it comes to Podcasts and allowing myself to dig into an audiobook rather than my usual hard copy has been such a treat, especially paired with getting outside and taking a walk. This book started slow for me, but the effortlessly woven character development and attention to detail painted a picture of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and specifically the Chicken Hill neighborhood, so clearly that I feel like I could take you on a tour. The story takes us back to the “melting” period of the mid-20th century that contributed to the American “melting pot” we celebrate today, following the influx of first generation immigrants into an already deeply diverse Pennsylvania community. A group of people whose country of origin, religion, and color of skin were only the beginnings of their differences. As much as it is a story of these differences and deep prejudice, it is ultimately a story of hope, improbable friendships, and the moments where humanity and connection supersede the rest. 

Also a hot tip in case you don’t all already know… there is a huge selection of free audiobooks to listen to if you have Spotify premium!! Go take advantage!  

What we’re listening to: 

  • Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande: I mean, obviously. We are Robyn lovers here and it is calling us back to some of our favorite sad girl dance anthems. 
  • Mid Air, Romy: I just bought tickets to Romy’s show in New York and talk about an album I cannot wait to dance to live (but already dance to alone in my apartment). 
  • I like the way you kiss me, Artemas: If you have Tiktok (remember to set a daily time limit for yourself!), you’ll probably recognize this song. Artemas finally dropped the full track after teasing the clip and driving people wild. This will be on repeat for me all summer. 

Something that reminded us why we started LookUp:

  • This article from the New York Times titled, “The Internet is a Wasteland, So Give Kids a Better Place to Go.” There isn’t much that can be agreed upon across the political aisle these days, but the fear surrounding what social media is doing to kids and the desire to find a solution is fairly universal. Michelle Goldberg talks about building up a few more online guardrails while simultaneously allowing for more freedom offline- there is such a need for finding and creating safe offline spaces for kids to express their autonomy IRL. In this article LookUp meets my passion for urban design and reminds us that Third Spaces are needed for every cross-section of our communities, especially our youth. 

Best thing I ate this week that made me put my phone down: 

  • For all my New Yorkers and more specifically Brooklyn-dwellers, if you haven’t yet been to Land to Sea in Williamsburg, you must go. There is a hot-dog pastry there (I know how that sounds) that changed my little life. As they say, don’t knock it until you try it. And please, please go try it. 

Stay cool, and Look Up. 

XX, Jackie, your LookUp Creative Director and phone-health evangelist 

P.S. Let us know what else you want to see as we bring you Offline Encounters weekly, or any cool kids you know who are doing cool things Offline that we should feature here.