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Ep .03 - Phones at Concerts, Girls on HBO, & My Favorite Slice

Posted by Jackie Hamilton, Creative Director at LookUp on

Welcome back to Offline Encounters, your weekly LookUp newsletter chatting all things Offline. What’s bringing us joy, connection, inspiration and more, far, far away from the scroll.

Ways we’re looking up: 

  • Museums: If you know me, you know that its actually a little crazy for it to have taken until our THIRD newsletter for me to talk about an art museum. While I couldn’t pick a favorite in New York (it would be the Brooklyn museum), I’m a member of the Whitney because I became obsessed with Henry Taylor and between going to see his show twice and then taking my mom, it just made financial sense. Last weekend I ventured to the west side to see the Whitney Biennial, their recently opened showcase of over 70 contemporary artists that debuts against a new theme every other year, this year’s being, “Better than the Real Thing.” What I find so beautiful about the Biennial is the Whitney’s incredibly thoughtful and diverse curation, really becoming a giant gallery space, giving each artist their room to breath and take center stage, while allowing the visitor endless opportunities to connect with a wide variety of medium, environment, and commentary. A few of the artists I loved this year included Sharon Hayes (video), Mary Lovelace O’Neal (acrylic on canvas), Eddie Rodolfo Aparici (sculpture), Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich (video), and Rose B. Simpson (sculpture). I’ll be going back at least twice more so if you’re my friend (or a friendly stranger) reading this and want to come with, text or DM me.  

  • Concerts: I went and saw Romy last weekend at the Knockdown Center and if you’ve been reading, you know I featured her album Mid Air as a favorite a couple of newsletters ago. It was my first time at Knockdown Center and let me just say that venue is massive and if you think you’re close to the stage when the lights are low, just keep pushing forward. One silver lining to our back of house status was room to dance. And we danceddd. I have been craving a dance-y night out, jumping up and down in a massive, sweaty group of people, feeling attuned to that rare “at one with a collective” sensation, and I’ve finally emerged out my winter hiberation to do so. I gave myself permission to take two videos of my favorite songs, then put my phone away to enjoy the majority of the show unencumbered. It felt like just the right balance, and a practice I’m planning to try to stick to as I venture to concerts and shows around the city this summer.